Pottery Supplies

Attention School Teachers
Hobby & Professional Potters

Save on freight and buy your clay and other supplies through us.
We order in bulk and are the authorised agent for Walker Ceramics and Venco Wheels servicing northern Victoria and southern NSW.

We sell a variety of clays including the following which are generally in stock:
10 kgs School Earthenware POA
10 kgs Special Stoneware POA
10 kgs Superior White Porcelain POA
10 kgs Paper Clay POA

Paints & Glazes
We carry a wide range of Walker paints and glazes and can order special requests generally within 72 hours.
Prices start from $6.00 for 20 mls

Tools & Equipment
We carry a wide range of tools and equipment for hand builders and wheel throwers and can source just about anything you may require. Check in store for details.