Hand Building

Course information

Ideal for those who have had little or no experience working with clay and returning students who have a project in mind they’d like to work on.

2 hours per week for six weeks $255


What you will learn?
• The basics of working with clay including clay types and preparation
• Pinching and coiling techniques
• How to make press moulded vessels
• Slab building and decorative techniques
• The opportunity to work on your own project

What you end up with?
• An understanding of the fundamentals of clay and pottery hand building techniques
• Finished work to take home
• A great experience

What’s included in the fee?
• Out of class studio access to work independently (see Studio Access for details)
• Student clay and glazes
• Access to pottery books and magazines to read, tea and coffee
• Students who re-enrol prior to the end of term will maintain Studio Access between terms.

Equipment, tools & firing
• Bring your own pottery tools or buy a set at the school for $15
• Bring, your own towel and apron/oversized shirt to class
• $10 kg for two firings and use of student glaze. Small light weight items such as beads buttons and pendants are costed on a case by case basis, but are generally $0.50 cents or $1.00 depending on size/numbers etc.