Wheel Throwing

Course information

This is a mixed ability class, so those who have had little or no experience working with a pottery wheel will get the help they need, whilst more advanced throwers can progress at their own pace with individualised help.

2 hours per week for six weeks $255

What you will learn?
• How to centre clay
• How to make a bowl and cylinder
• How to glaze

What you end up with?
• Experience in the use of the potter’s wheel
• Finished work to take home
• A great experience

What’s included in the fee?
• Use of allocated pottery wheel
• Out of class Studio Access to work independently (see Studio Access for details)
•Unlimited use of school clay and glazes
• Access to pottery books and magazines, tea and coffee.
• Students who re-enrol prior to the end of term maintain Studio Access between terms.

Equipment, tools & firing
• Bring your own pottery tools or buy a set at the school for $15
• Bring, your own towel and apron/oversized shirt to class.
• $10 kg for two firings and use of student glaze. Small light weight items such as beads buttons and pendants will be charged at $0.50 cents or $1.00 depending on size.

Pottery Supplies

Attention School Teachers
Hobby & Professional Potters

Save on freight and buy your clay and other supplies through us.
We order in bulk and are the authorised agent for Walker Ceramics and Venco Wheels servicing northern Victoria and southern NSW.

10 kgs School Earthenware $17
10 kgs Special Stoneware $18
10 kgs Superior White Porcelain $28
10 kgs Paper Clay $25

Ceramics Ready to Paint
We offer a variety of fired and unfired ceramic suitable for painting including 50, 100 and 150 cm2 tiles, ideal for school and community projects. Prices start from $5, enquire in store for ideas and details of how this could really work for any group.

Paints & Glazes
We carry a wide range of Walker paints and glazes and can order special requests generally within 72 hours.
Prices start from $5.00 for 20 mls

Tools & Equipment
We carry a wide range of tools and equipment for hand builders and wheel throwers and can source just about anything you may require. Check in store for details.

Studio access times between terms

Re-Enrolment & Between Terms Studio Access
We are off to India visiting our kid’s orphanages for a few weeks between terms, but you can still re-enrol and enjoy studio access while we are away

Your place in term two can only be guaranteed if you book and pay by 21 March, after this date, bookings will be open to the general public.

Studio Access
Students who are not re-enrolling have studio access until Saturday 25 March to finish their work.
After Saturday 25 March, only enrolled students are eligible for studio access.

Studio Access will be available
Tuesdays 10 am – 12 pm & 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm
Saturdays 10 am – 12 pm.

During our absence, studio access will operate on honesty based system of payment and record keeping. Please leave $10 (cash only no cards) in the studio access box, sign the attendance book and have another student sign your studio access card.

Tools Clay Paints etc
The shop will be open Saturday morning to purchase tools clay and paints etc. However, if you need something during access take what you need and write your purchase in the firing book.

PLEASE, clean your work area and common work areas i.e. glaze table, after studio access. Fellow students, Lee, Glen, Tracey, Jules who have generously agreed to open and lock up are not responsible for cleaning up everybody’s mess. So please, do the right thing and keep the studio clean.

Term Starts Monday 8 May
If you need to contact us while we are away, e-mail us at admin@madeinclay.com or carrick.oddie@gmail.com. In case of emergency please contact Alice Oddie on 0419 350 113.
Cathy & Paul


Ideal for experienced potters wanting access to a modern fully equipped pottery studio without doing classes.

Benefits and arrangements as per Studio Access timetable.

Cost $200 per quarter or $600 per annum.

Members can suspend their membership whilst sick or on holidays for up to 6 weeks per annum.

Membership at Made in Clay’s absolute discretion.

Visiting Friend or Relative Guest Pass

Currently enrolled students and members can invite visiting friends or relatives to join them during studio access.

  • $50 per 2-hour access session or
  • $180 for 6 x 2 hour guest passes
  • Firing at regular discounted student and member rate
  • Passes can be shared between visiting friends and relatives
  • Guests are the responsibility of host student or member