Introduction to Clay

Course information

Focus on hand building techniques with a sample of wheel time if desired.

Weekly two-hour classes over six weeks $285; includes facilitation, school clay and glazes.

Additional firing costs at $12 per kilo

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Classes are filling fast. Please call Cathy 0427 449 334 to reserve your place. Or book online below:

What you will learn?
• The basics of working with clay including clay types and preparation
• Pinching and coiling techniques
• How to make press moulded vessels
• Slab building and decorative techniques
• The opportunity to work on your own project

What you end up with?
• An understanding of the fundamentals of clay and pottery hand building techniques
• Finished work to take home
• A great experience

What’s included in the fee?
• Out of class studio access to work independently (see Studio Access for details)
• Student clay and glazes
• Access to pottery books and magazines to read, tea and coffee
• Students who re-enrol prior to the end of term will maintain Studio Access between terms.

Equipment, tools & firing
• Bring your own pottery tools or buy a set at the school for $15
• Bring, your own towel and apron/oversized shirt to class
• $10 kg for two firings and use of student glaze. There is generally a minimum charge of $2 per item. Small, light weight items such as beads buttons and pendants are costed on a case by case basis subject to size and numbers.

Uncollected Work

Please collect your finished work promptly. After 90 days uncollected work will be donated to charity.

Firing Service

Currently not available due to student demand.

Minimum firing charge $100.
Bisque firing $8/kg
Glaze firing $12/kg
MIC application of clear glaze $5/kg
Gold firing $8/kg

Whole Kiln 45 cm x 45 cm x 70 cm $150 per firing
Whole Kiln 70 cm x 70 cm x 100 cm $350 per firing

Please note different firing charges apply to Made in Clay members and students, refer course guide or website for details.

Technical Stuff
We operate 3 phase electric Woodrow Kilns using electronic program control device in conjunction with Orton heat cones.

We only fire in an oxidised atmosphere and so do not offer reduction firings.
Temperatures will vary within each individual kiln load and this can impact results within and between kiln loads.

Our standard firing ranges are as follows:
BISQUE 950 c – 1000 c
EARTHENWARE 1080 c – 1100 c
STONEWARE 1250 c – 1280 c

Turnaround time
Our goal is 28 days turn around however, this depends on demand, equipment maintenance and the occasional equipment failure. Our kilns are in constant use during term time with our students work which will always take priority. We’ll give you an estimated pick up date at the time of lodgement and let you know if this changes.

Drop off and collection
Items requiring firing can be dropped off at the front counter between 10.00 am – 12 noon Saturdays, or by appointment.
Please do not enter the studio and or rummage through shelves looking for your work.
We’ll contact you as soon as your order is ready for collection at the front counter. Due to space constraints, orders not collected within 30 days may be donated to charity.
Please bring a suitable box and bubble wrap or similar to pack your fired work. Or if you prefer we can supply bubble wrap and bag or box for which you will be charged a fee depending on materials used.

Packaging and labelling
Items to be fired must be wrapped in protective material, preferably bubble wrap and lodged in a sturdy box and clearly labelled with a completed Made in Clay Firing Service Order Form.

Items for firing must carry some form of identification which can be reconciled with the order form.

Serious fine print
If kiln shelves are damaged because of overflowing glaze or inadequate cleaning of glaze from bases causing work to adhere to kiln shelves, you will be charged a cleaning fee of $20 per damaged shelf.
If your work ruins a kiln shelf, you will be charged for the cost of replacing that shelf with a new one, which can be as much as $250.
If your work damages the interior of the kiln, you will be charged for the cost of resultant repairs.

To avoid these things from happening please ensure that:
• You know what sort of clay you are working with
• You know how the glaze is likely to behave
• You remove glaze at least 5 mm from the bottom edge of your work.
• Work does not exceed 1.5 cm in thickness
• Clay has been wedged and is free of any air bubbles
• Foreign materials such as paper, metal, wood, etc. have been removed
• Fully enclosed, hollow work such as figurines and heads have a hole to allow expansion of air inside the piece.

Whilst we promise to exercise every care in firing your work, accidents do happen and if we break apiece in handling we will sincerely apologise, refund what you paid and fire a replacement piece free of charge. We will not however be liable for any other penalty or claim for damages.
Glaze firing can be unpredictable, shelf temperatures can vary due to packing and content, different glazes release different chemicals all of which contribute the element of mystery which accompanies every firing. Until you open the kiln door you can never be sure what how things have fired.

And that is why we can offer no guarantee as to the results you will achieve.

Firing Service Order Form

Studio Access

Intended for enrolled students who want to practice what they have learnt in class and for experienced potters who qualify for Made in Clay Membership. Please note you must be a currently enrolled student or member.

Studio Access is available in 2 hour blocks throughout the week.

Check website for Studio Access times- they do vary between term and term breaks.

All users are required to clean up thoroughly after themselves. Firing costs are at regular discounted student and member rate, refer course details for cost.

Cost $10 per two-hour session and includes unlimited use of student clay and student glazes.

Studio Access is at the discretion of Made in Clay.

As an additional incentive for students enrolled in 6 week programs, you will receive a Studio Access Card which will reward you with a free session every sixth visit. This works out to about $4 an hour per 12 hours of practice including use facilities and clay. Normal firing charges apply.

Made in Clay Members will also receive a Studio Access Card and will get a free session once every third visit, which represents even more amazing value at about $3 an hour per 6 hours of practice including use of facilities and clay.

Normal firing charges apply.

Limited places available on a first in basis – text or email to check availability.

Please note that Studio Access is an opportunity for self-directed practice and does not include any tuition.

Cathy Oddie Ceramic artist

Cathy Oddie, co-founder of Made in Clay, is a master potter with over 30 years’ experience as a commercial potter. While Cathy has experimented with many aspects of clay work her specialties are wheel throwing and decorating.

Cathy is Made in Clay’s Creative Director and her partner Paul is the Commercial Director and general dogs body. He also dabbles in pottery.

Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed, full payment must be made prior to commencement of the first class.

Cancellation Fees
If you cancel a booking we need to charge a cancellation fee to cover our administrative costs and potential loss of revenue.
Cancellations more than 10 days prior to the commencement of 6 week courses attract a $50 cancellation fee.
Cancellations made less than 10 days prior to the commencement of a 6 week course are 100% non-refundable.
A $20 cancellation fee applies to all other bookable classes.
Bookings can be transferred without charge to a friend.
In exceptional circumstances, Made in Clay may at its absolute discretion waive or change these cancellation fees.

Class Cancellations
Made in Clay reserves the right to cancel classes with less than 6 bookings. If this happens, you will be notified at least 72 hours prior to the class and receive a full refund.

If you are unable to attend a class for any reason, we will, where possible, try put you in another class to make up for the one you miss. Alternatively, we will give you two hours of free Studio Access to make up for the class you missed.
Arrangements for absences greater than one per term is at the absolute discretion of Made in Clay.
Absences cannot be carried from one term to another.

Studio Access
Payment for Studio Access is required at the beginning of each session. Students are required to clean up thoroughly after each session. Studio Access is for self-directed practice and does not include any tuition.

Students are responsible for ensuring firing is paid for prior to firing. Sometimes things can go wrong in the kiln, hence successful firing is not guaranteed.

Uncollected Work

Please collect your finished work promptly. After 90 days uncollected work will be donated to charity.

From time to time, we use photographs of our students and their work for our website so others can see what our classes look like. We’ll never use your name without your consent and you can ask to have your image removed at any time. Please let us know if you do not want you or your work used in this way.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all, admission to courses and workshops is subject to Made in Clay’s assessment of applicant’s ability to achieve intended course outcomes whilst contributing to a safe and enjoyable environment. All participants are required to behave in a manner which is conducive to a safe and enjoyable environment.

Of particular importance is respect for other student’s “personal space”. In the unlikely event any bodies safety or enjoyment is compromised, the person concerned may be asked to leave until and unless they are able to behave in a manner which respects other student’s safety and enjoyment.

Determination of appropriate behaviour is at the absolute discretion of Made in Clay.